St Peter's is a Church of England church situated in the centre of Whetstone in Church Lane (Map), Post Code LE8 6BA. Our mission statement is, "As the congregation of the Parish of St. Peter's Whetstone, we commit ourselves to working together to extend the Kingdom of God in our community and worldwide." Our action plan focuses on "Keeping Christ at the centre of our lives and living by his teachings," and "Serving Christ in others and offering his love to all."

We are always delighted to welcome new visitors. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't just sit at the back out of the way. Please make yourself known. Please feel free to light a candle for someone. We are all here as a "Family of God" to worship together. We are a living church seeking to show God's love made known in Jesus for people of all ages.

Parish Magazine -August

The latest edition of the Parish Magazine for St. Michael and All Angels, Cosby and St Peters, Whetstone, including the Vicar's Letter by Rev'd Chris Allen, is now available to read online.


1st Sunday of the Month,9.30AM:
All Age Eucharist
Sunday 9.30 AM: Parish Eucharist
Wednesday 9.15 AM: Holy Communion

After Services we serve coffee, tea, squash, and biscuits.

For Special Services, please visit our Special Services page.


Church News and Prayer Communication

Dear All
I'm sorry I have been absent from the email communications world for a while. In the first place, let me say that I am sorry we have not been able to put on an online service recently. We are working on ways of doing this. It may involve purchasing and fitting cameras which can be operated during services. So if that is the chosen solution, it will take some time...
Slowly parish life is returning to some semblance of normality. PCC meetings and Annual Meetings have been scheduled and pastoral visits are possible observing the usual rules of distancing. Funerals and weddings are again possible in Church, with restrictions on numbers attending.
The Leicester lockdown has become necessary as cases surged in the City and it's environs. This was difficult for all and produced some awkward boundaries. More deeply it inevitably caused a division between those in the lockdown area and those outside it-a division cutting across families, colleagues, friends and indeed church parishes and congregations, with which many of you have been struggling. The fact of an actual boundary and just where it should be drawn is one of the most difficult aspects of local lockdowns. The boundaries of the lockdown area were altered recently, and that will mean release for some, and continued self discipline for others, on behalf of us all.
Our response, in what has become a highly charged issue must be, as the Bishop of Leicester has said, not to increase a sense of division in any way, least of all by any premature allocation of blame. Instead, we should respond with prayer and compassion to those infected by the virus and those helping them, and all whose jobs, income and businesses are continuing to be affected.
In today's Gospel we have a parable which is a strong warning about rushing to premature judgement. The whole Coronavirus crisis has been one where people have tried to play the blame game in a way that is not helpful. As in the parable, a time of discernment, judgement and truth will come. There will be enquiries as to what could have been done better or should not have been done at all. But for now, we need to live in peace one with another. As fallen human beings our sense of what is right and wrong is far from perfect and so judgement must be deferred until the proper time when a sense of perspective and calm can prevail.
As I said, pastoral visiting is now allowed again, in people's gardens, or, if necessary indoors, observing social distancing. In the light of this, I hope to be able to resume taking Holy Communion to the housebound over the next few weeks.
Variety is the spice of life, so it's said. It's certainly true that boredom is enemy number one in Church. Next Sunday we lose someone who has been a source of variety in the life of our two parishes, Andrew Micklethwaite. We shall miss him and hope that many of his initiatives , the seed he has sown, will continue to bear much fruit in more ways than one.

Safeguarding of Children and Adults.

St Peter's Church, Whetstone, Parochial Church Council (PCC) have adopted Safeguarding policies for children, young people and adults. Promoting a Safer Church and commits to the implication of these policies.

It is recognised that it is the responsibly of everybody to prevent the physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse of vulnerable people and to report any such abuse that we discover or suspect.

The PCC have appointed a Child Safeguarding Co-Coordinator and an Adult Safeguarding Co-Coordinator. If you would like to see the policy documents or discuss anything, please contact them They can be found on our Contact Us page


We now have a space for parents and children to relax, play or read at the back of the church.Please give it a try